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Club name Date Premium List
(or Judge names once approved)
Closing Date -
always at 9:00 pm Pacific Time
Online Entry Reserved Grooming Schedule
BC All Terrier Oct 12 Available Sept 25th closed Judging Schedule
Canadian Scottish Terrier Club Oct 13 Available Sept 25th closed Judging Schedule
Collie Club of BC Oct 12 and 13 Available Sept 25th closed Judging Schedule
Vancouver Island Winter Classic Nov 28, 29 Tyee PL
Nanaimo PL
Nov. 13th Tyee Open
Nanaimo Open
Grooming area reservations
Mt. Cheam Feb 21-23, 2020    
Sporting Dog Club of BC Feb 22    
Aristocrat Hound April 10 John Rowton    
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of BC April 10 Obed/Rally: Lionel Whittaker    
B.C. Doberman Pinscher Club April 10th and 12th Judges: Steven Schorr (C); Lionel Whittaker (OB/R)    
Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada April 10th and 11th Judges: Douglas Jensen (C); Lionel Whittaker (OB/R)    
Yorkshire Terrier Club of BC April 11 Wanda Spediacci    
Terrier Breeders Assoc of Canada April 11 & 12 Judges: Sylvia Barkey Lynne Harwood    
Shetland Sheepdog Club of BC April 10 & 11 Judges: Richard Paquette (conf); Lionel Whittaker    
Boxer Club of Canada - National April 10 & 11 John Ramirez    
Tyee Kennel Club May 7 - 10    
Nanaimo Kennel Club June 18-21    
The events/dates listed above are those that are either CKC approved, or priority dates as held by the club.   Additional events will be added as soon as CKC approvals are received.

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Tel: 604-845-9510
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